Our Services

At GermBusters, we believe that good health and optimum performance begins with maintaining a clean environment. With technology continually innovating the way we work, we’ve developed a wide range of professional cleaning solutions.

General Cleaning

Our General Cleaning service focuses on removing deep-seated dirt, tough stains, and gathered dust from floors, ceilings, furniture, and other surfaces.

Deep Cleaning

Bacteria and allergens are always present in our surroundings, whether we see them or not. For a much thorough clean, our Deep Cleaning service offers extraction and elimination of any virus and contaminants.

Custodial Service

We have a dedicated team to help keep your areas clean and free of any unwanted litter. Find out how our professional custodians can optimize your spaces for you.

UV Light Treatment

We encounter millions of micoscropic bacteria every day that are harmful to our health. We address these invisible threats using UV technology. Our Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) devices cleanse air and water systems, making them inhospitable to viruses, allergens, and other pathogens.

Dry Steaming

Chemical cleaners remove only surface materials, leaving behind microorganisms that can incubate and multiply over time. Our dry steam cleaners remove dirt, grime, and stains thoroughly from both hard and soft surfaces.

Wet and Dry Vacuum

Our wet and dry vacuum uses an ecological pure water filter technology that thoroughly cleans any surface whether indoors or outdoors. An ideal service for homes, offices, warehouses, and restaurants.

Got questions?

Want to know more about our extensive list of professional services? Send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to walk your through them!

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